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How to Monetize Your Website

Posted on 09 September 2011 by Moki

Internet Marketing
It is the aim of every Webmaster and website publisher that the costs of creating a website be recouped from the website itself. In other words, the website should be able to pay for itself and ultimately generate a profit. While many websites are created simply to provide information to users, many more are conceived with an economic goal in mind. But how do you design a website that converts into sales and turns a profit at the end of the day?
Website monetization, defined as converting your website traffic into revenue, can take many forms:

Contextual Ad Programs
Contextual ad programs, such as Google AdSense, show contextually relevant ads on your website and then split the revenue with you derived from those ads. You simply place some code on your site and the ad program (Google AdSense) does the rest. Google analyzes your page and places relevant text or image ads on your page. So if you web page is about baking, then the ads shown would be about baking. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads, you make money.

Affiliate Programs
Another way to monetize your website is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs allow you to earn a commission for referring someone to another site who makes a purchase. Affiliate programs are a win win proposition for businesses and affiliates. Business get promotion and sales at no cost to them and affiliates get the opportunity to earn money without the expense of selling products themselves.

Amazon.com was one of the earliest sites to offer an affiliate program and their program remains very popular today. Becoming an affiliate can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing.

Direct Ad Sales
For almost as long as there have been websites, there have been ads displayed on those sites. If you’ve got your own website, you can sell your own advertisements and keep 100% of the profit. There are many forms of advertising you can sell on your site. These include, banner ads in various sizes, text links, and paid reviews. Include information on your site about the benefits and costs of advertising on your site as well as your contact information. You can also choose to outsource your advertising to sites such as textlinkads.com. These sites will assess your site’s value and help you set a reasonable price for your ads. They handle all of the hassle of communicating with the advertiser and collecting the money but they also take a cut of your earnings.

Sell Your Site
Another way to monetize your site is by selling it. Once your site is earning money, it becomes an asset and has real value. A typical valuation method for setting a website’s price is twelve times a site’s monthly profit. So for example, if your site was generating $100 a month in profit, you might expect to sell the site for $1,200. You could of course get more than this amount if you found the right buyer.

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How to increase your Google Adsense Revenue

Posted on 03 September 2011 by Moki

Online technology paved the way for the tremendous growth of ecommerce. Making money online seems to be the fad nowadays. Anybody with a minimum knowledge of computer technology can try his hand at making money online. Google Adsense is one of these money making ventures.

With Google Adsense, expertise is not really necessary to earn that very desirable revenue. Earning revenue is pretty much simple. All you need to have is a website where you can display other people’s advertisement. Google Adsense is a potential income earner of any website. Income is earned every time a visitor clicks on the ads.

However, you may wonder why other website owners earn hundreds of dollars every day while others earn a paltry sum. Could it be luck? Or could it be because those profitable websites have something that you do not have?

The success of any internet advertising campaign largely depends on the click through rate (CTR). The higher the click through rate, the higher the adsense income generated. To achieve high CTR which would also mean higher revenue, a website owner must make sure that the content of the website is of high quality; concise (no one would want to read long and boring content); always fresh and updated. He has to make sure that the content of the website has relevance to the ads displayed.

The color of the ads should match or should enhance the color of the website. At a glance, visitors will think that the ads are just extension of the website. Be sure that the colors used make the content easy to read. A website cluttered with pictures and other features would distract visitors. A simple layout on the other hand will have the effect generating higher click through rates. It is advisable to keep the number of ads placed under the allowable limit so as not to overcrowd the webpage.

The ad placement is another important factor in increasing adsense revenue. Some ads are placed horizontal, others vertical and some are even placed in the middle of some text. The most popular format though is the large rectangle. It is an effective CTR producer because these ads looks like web links and readers click on without really noticing that they are clicking on the adsense. Google suggest the use of vertical instead of horizontal ads because surfers tend to avoid horizontal ads and banners. Another rule of thumb is to place the ads at the top portion of the screen and at the right side of the page. Most people are using the mouse with the right hand so that clicking ads placed on the right side of the page is easier and more convenient.

There are so many ways of increasing adsense revenue, some useful and very effective, some with mediocre result and some would need spending a certain amount in order to earn more. It is up to the website owner to find the most effective means after all it is he who would reap the benefits of his efforts.


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