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DT Author Box WordPress Plugin

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Digital Tweaker’s WordPress Author Box Plugin

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Moki

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For those that have WordPress blogs that have multiple authors or just the occasional guest blogger Digital Tweaker’s “Author Box Plugin” is what you need. I have many blogs and article websites that have multiple authors and the author box plugin makes it easy to give credit to those that write the article.

DT’s Author Box Plugin is very easy to use and offers a good variety of customization. The best part of the plugin is that its completely free. While the plugin has a small credit to the developer it can be turned off by unchecking an option in your WordPress Admin panel.

Digital Tweaker’s Author Box Plugin Features:

  • Author box below articles written to show Author Bio
  • Includes an image that the Author chooses (can be edited by Admins)
  • Includes a place for Authors website address link (If chosen)
  • Includes Authors Twitter follow link (if chosen)

DT Author Box WordPress Plugin

Digital Tweaker’s Author Box is a very light weight plugin that takes little to no setup and has been tested by us personally. IF you decide its not for you its easily deactivated and deleted (removing all traces of itself). If you try the plugin please let us know your experience and any issues you face if any.

Official Digital Tweaker’s Author Box Plugin Page

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