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Posted on 14 January 2013 by Moki

There are a lot of services out there that allow you to get free Twitter followers via Twitter exchanges. One of the Twitter exchanges that I have found to be very helpful in not only getting Twitter followers but also ReTweets is AdReTweet. They not only have a great service for those that need to increase followers and retweets but also very affordable prices if you just want to buy credits. Currently there is a promotion till the end of the month that offers 1000 credits at $7.50.

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Not only can you get free followers and retweets but they keep track of everything so you can see your stats from their website. This way you know the service is working and its not just saying your natural followers are ones they are giving you. This Twitter Exchange also gives 10 credits per referral and allows you to make money for tweeting. To find out more simply signup, its free so why not try it out?

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  1. Moki Says:

    This really works and is well worth the effort if you are just starting a new Twitter account and just want to be able to get some followers so that its not at 0 and then I recommend you stop using it and work on getting actual interest.

  2. Moki Says:

    Creating a new theme and need a second comment on this article to style the comment area of articles.

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